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Electrified Hypothermia :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 10 12 Weaving at Work :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 10 14 Sunset postcard :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 21 10 The two look alike :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 25 18 Once upon a time :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 13 8 A legendary chibi :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 21 25 Decidueye TF (Secret Santa)! :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 30 20 As dawn met night :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 28 21 Up and ready for Alola! :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 14 8 ToI comic - page 12 - Who :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 10 14 Prepared for Winter :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 16 14 Ruby ref, 2017 :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 16 10 Dynamic Duo :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 32 21 2 Years And Counting :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 19 23 Zapdos TF (part 3) :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 13 14 Holiday postcard, Aureux edition :iconsh0ckwavve:Sh0ckwavve 16 8


Foxie Grasslands hunting Dog Adopt :iconaimiarts:AimiArts 104 4 Walk :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,693 336 Soul Demon :iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 930 174 The Crystal Gems :iconoceanrush:Oceanrush 26 2 Do not wake the beast in me :icondalfaart:DalfaArt 1,037 132 celebratory face reveal :iconmanqarrow:manqarrow 11 2 failed karma :iconmanqarrow:manqarrow 18 15 secretly an ice demon :iconmanqarrow:manqarrow 6 6 elegant bird lady :iconmanqarrow:manqarrow 5 3 Ebony - Reference Commission :iconmstakoizu:MsTakoizu 13 3 Character Bio: Libra Corsican :iconmstakoizu:MsTakoizu 12 1 Contest Entry: Havoc Fox :iconmstakoizu:MsTakoizu 26 23 Lapuss and Charles: 1-4 :iconmstakoizu:MsTakoizu 14 2 Little Requim :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 186 40 16 - Requiem, the finless shark :iconastral-requin:Astral-Requin 1,051 214 the bork trio - electric boogaloo :iconmanqarrow:manqarrow 18 32


OC draws
Basically, I draw your OC(s)!  You can have multiple characters, and despite the examples, I can do both traditional and digital editions of this.  Please specify during or before commissioning me on which you prefer, and make sure to give a ref.
(For those getting notified, apparently I deleted this at some point, don't know why)
Full out Comic TFs
A full Colored in Comic of your character/random person turning into a pokemon/animal/fakemon/etc.  Pretty neat, huh?  :D  By far the most popular commissioned form of TF art on here.

Please note: I will NOT draw NSFW TFs, and I will also not draw it if it involves weapons, or forcing me to change my style of art entirely just for that comic (it will not end well, and frankly, I'll probably end up hating it).
Multi TF comic (2-3 people required, 3 is the max)
Done on two pieces (maybe even three later on) of paper, these TFs are done to conserve time, if you don't wish for a two or three parter for TFing multiple people.  You MUST send me two or three refs, however, and tell me what you wish to turn into (Unless you wish it to be up to me, but you must state so =w=; ).

Please tell me how they interact so that I can portray them reacting accurately :U


(Also, these may take a long while.  So...  Yeah.)
TF 3-5 panel sequence!
Basically, a 3-5 (depending on your input or how I draw it, either way) panel TF! :D

Just...  No inappropriate stuff please =w= (Though TG (Not the inappropriate kind) is allowed.)
Single panel tfs
Just a single  panel of a person turning into creature/pokemon/sentient being :)  If you want a specific person, please leave a link of what they look like in your request! :D


Electrified Hypothermia
A solvebond for :iconmanqarrow: manqarrow 's contest!  And let's face it...  It's basically a glowing scorpion
Apparently Arachnids are going to take over my gallery now
However, I do have bad roleplaying, writing and description to help it out : DDD
So yeah! I'll be doing that now
Elements: Viscaqum and Visaimatos

Powers: Ice/Water and Electricity

Basic description: A monochrome clad scorpion that has half of its "soul" in each pincer. Uses "Toxins" and Pincers (infused with the powers of the soul halves) when attacking or using powers. A good soak from the ice/water pincer and electrocution could do some major damage...

How it attacks: Uses Ice powers to create a drop in temperature that lulls victims in The Fissure to a state of feeling "warm" (since extreme hypothermia causes that? (I also assume that The Fissure is not a warm place so this wouldn't be hard to do with travelers)).  It then uses electricity and/or ice 'toxins' (Electrified water with the ability to freeze to extreme temperatures due to the enviro.) from its stinger.
..What does it do with it's victim(s)? Youprobablydon'twanttoknowjustshhhuseyourimagination

Encounter entry: Seeing a potential cave for so long in the ravine was definitely a good sign...  At the time. When I got there, it seemed to get colder, then warmer... And then two glowing lights emerged. As I tried to run, the only thing that helped me was a Stalactite that blocked its stabbing tail. Hopefully nobody else has traversed into the caves...
Anyways, I hope this suffices; I was going to try to add a background but I felt that it would be best to have the detailed character be the sole focus :,)
(Last minute link to said Contest:… )
Weaving at Work
OC Draw commission for :iconmegamandragonoid: MegamanDragonoid ! Thanks for commissioning me, and I hope you like it (Especially considering the wait due to homework ^^; )

I actually looked up images of a loom for this piece, so the weaving in there should be relatively authentic to the real thing...  If it isn't, let me know :dummy:
This picture is also a reference to an old legend/storytale, so props to those who'll get it

Sunset postcard
A small art experiment/gift for :iconmadpuffball: MadPuffball !  Hope this reaches you soon :0

(Slightly edited due to the fact that the paper ripped a bit with the technique I used.  Hopefully it's still good enough)
I've been looking into getting a Redbubble account and trying to sell merchandise on my alternate account; Bit curious on who would want to purchase something or browse?  Please comment; It only takes a few seconds :0
My Alt is mainly for presenting non-2D art and such.  Rather inactive, but 'twould be nice to see who'd be willing to see other crafts besides my drawings (i.e: Sculptures and plushes).
The two look alike
A commission for :icondaylight-lycanroc: Daylight-Lycanroc !  I know that you like to view the drawing process, but I thought it would be nicer to sort of...  Well, surprise you with the final product :,)

I was gonna upload this tomorrow but I'll be a bit busy then, so I decided to upload it tonight.  Then again, it might be day for those with other timezones :,)


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(Deviantart ID made by :icontheneonumbreon: ! Thanks so much >w<)

Why hello there! You've somehow come across this text, so... I guess I'll give you a quick synapses on who's profile you're on.

Sh0ckwavve here!
I'm an ambitious artist at heart and I really just like to draw. My inspirations for my pieces are other works of art and nature, so naturally I'm not found constantly drawing at school. I'm a bit tomboyish, and even though I'm usually calm and nice to be around, I have a bit of a temper. I love Nintendo games, and hopefully you, the watchers and visitors, can appreciate what I draw. ^^

Quick thing to mention! Commissions are CLOSED! Requests are CLOSED!!!

Awesome friends in no specific order:
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Be sure to tell me if I left you out, I can be a bit forgetful ^^;

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'Tis cannon

Other stuff:

B00Paw Fan Stamp ::Commission:: by Umbra-Regina

Name Poem by Wishafriend
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My Fan button (if you want to use it) :

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Sh0ckwavve has started a donation pool!
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For those who want to donate or commission here because the commission buttons aren't working or something :D
Donations are always appreciated! If you wanna, go ahead! I'm not judging ;P

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silvermaxus253 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Gonna respond here, since :iconmanqarrow: very rudely blocked me.

Regardless of whether it is a joke or not, I still find it personally insulting to the character if she's called a demon. I don't mean to make a scene about it, but I don't like seeing undeserving hate towards a character, even if it's done as a joke. It's just like jokingly calling a person retarded. Even if you don't mean it, you could hurt that person's feelings.
Sh0ckwavve Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooookay. First off. Gonna address a few things;
1. You did indeed make a scene, you put up a rant journal and then cussed at said person in the comment section (yes, I saw that). You're seeming to take it pretty seriously; to a ludicrous amount, I may add...? Only my opinion though.
2. Mei is a fictional character in an alternate universe who already has many fans. Have you seen the OW community? Things like that fly by all the time; "I hate Widowmaker", "Bastion is a-" "Sombra ticks me off"? So why are you getting up in arms over this?
3. It's a word. Demon is a word. It's a synonym of sly, coy, and mischievous, which are not insults. The word has lost most (if not all) meaning and you are fighting over it as if it means the most revolting word in existence...?
4. It's literally an anthro Pokesona cosplaying as Mei. Not even Mei herself, it's a drawn, made up cosplay. Why are you taking this as if it's a personal offence to your inner being and everyone around you? It doesn't hurt you, the character is indifferent, Blizzard is indifferent and people still like Mei. Makes little to no sense man :/
silvermaxus253 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
1: I've already sent my apology to manqarrow about it. I didn't mean to hurt him, I was just angry at seeing the same "joke" over and over again.
2: From my perspective, it seemed like more than that. It feels like there's a lot of vile hatred towards a lot of characters in Overwatch (Mei, Bastion, D. Va, etc.) and it feels like it goes far deeper than just joking around. It's my opinion, and I admit I overreacted.
3: The way they say it, they mean to say Mei is an evil heartless monster, and it personally feels like it goes too far.
4: Fair enough. I shouldn't have acted so harshly.

Overall, I get that I acted very rash and rude. I've made my peace, we've come to an understanding, and that's all. The journal I put up was mainly just me venting my frustrations on the Overwatch community as a whole, not just manqarrow. He was caught in the crossfire because of it, and I feel bad about that.
Sh0ckwavve Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay. Glad you seemed to have cleared things up...? (I think, but I'm not gonna jump to conclusions on that)

Sorry for the text walls and jumping in all oddly like that, just a bit confused on the comments I saw ^^;
(1 Reply)
AlphaZeron Featured By Owner 2 days ago
ahh, thanks! I'm glad that you like my work! 

I've been posting less on DA lately however. 
if you want you find more stuff, feel free to visit me on FA…
Justice1212 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
❤ put this on someone's page if you care about them ❤ 
Sh0ckwavve Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you though :'0
And also


(Enjoy awkward late replies :'D)
Justice1212 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
XD COOKIES YES :3 Don't worry about being late, I'm late to everything XD
WesternFailRebirth Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, are commissions open as of now? I know the commission gadget is still up, but I want to ask to make sure.
Sh0ckwavve Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, they aren't at the moment ^^;
I plan on opening them sometime soon, but for now I want to focus on my current commissions/homework IRL, so...  Yeah.  Sorry... ;-;
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